Sunday, May 3, 2009


By the end of June we will have gone through 3 babysitters. Our first one lasted about 6 weeks. We had to switch then because Lily just didn't adjust there. There were 2 sometimes 4 other kids and just a louder environment then she has been used to. So we switched to someone else. Lily loved it there. There were two other kids who were in school so they were there in the morning for a bit and in the afternoon. Lily loved it at this babysitters house. So, I loved it. It was a couple I have known since I was in elementary school. The husband and wife were both laid off so Lily had two people playing with her. The husband started going back to work off and on, he wasn't really the one watching her, he just liked to play with her. The wife got a new job. So, we had to change again. My cousin is going to watch her until school is out. She has watched Lily a few other times this past school year and Lily really likes it with her too. I am so thankful that my cousin was able to step in and watch her for me until the end of the year. Which is in 6 weeks! But, now I have no idea what we will do for next year. I will still be subbing so I can't really do day care. Daycare charges full time or part time. Full time is 5 full days a week and part time is 5 partial days or specific days. I only sub part time but would have to pay for full time because I wouldn't know the days I will be working. I don't want to waste money on day care that I won't be using. Not to mention the fact that I just do not want my child in day care. I know that God will work something out for us, the unknown just makes me feel uneasy.

So, if anyone has any suggestions/recommendations for babysitters, let me know. She will be 1 year in September so a little easier to care for than she is now. At least I would think she would be.

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Annali said...

That's tough. I'm sorry. I wish I could help out!