Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cheerios! It's What's For Dinner...and lunch and breakfast too!

My daughter decided today that she doesn't want to eat anything but Cheerios. She will take a couple bights of whatever it is I try to offer her, either apple sauce, yogurt, or a puree of some kind. After a couple bights she has decided she wants cheerios. I started putting cheerios on her tray after a meal a couple months ago to help her build her fine motor skills. She started to REALLy enjoy eating them them a couple of weeks ago. Which is fine. Cheerios are a great snack. But I never really intended them to become her meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't really want to take the cheerios away because she likes them but if this new thing continues on more than a couple of days I just may have to. It may be because of her teething. On Father's Day she cut another tooth. It has been going up and down for a few days making her very upset. Poor baby. But she sure does look cute with two little bottom teeth. I REALLY need to get a picture.


coco-ono said...

is it just the cheerios she likes or does she enjoy the self feeding? zeke went thru a stage at that point where he wouldn't eat anything he couldnt feed himself. you could try cutting other things up really small.

Holly said...

I thought about that. I have given her other food items and she doesn't care to feed herself with them. It might be that cheerios is what she is used. Maybe I will start putting other foods on her tray to play with/eat after she eats a few cheerios.