Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lily goes in to the optometrist tomorrow morning. She was born with a clogged or closed tear duct and her left eye is often times very watery. When she was about a month or so old it was always goopy and watery sometimes to the point of it being gooped shut in the mornings after a night of sleep. Her pediatrician said if it was still watery after 8 months she needed to go have a procedure done to rectify it. So at her 9 month appointment he gave her a referral to the optometrist. It took a while to get in but at just over 11 months she is finally going in. I am not entirely sure of what the procedure will entail other than they put a probe into her eye and Lily's pediatrician ensured me that is sounded much worse than it actually is. I am nervous! I am praying for her and me. I cry when she gets her vaccinations and when she was a new born and did the toe poke thing. I am certain I will cry during this procedure also. I HATE seeing her in pain. It just makes my heart hurt so much. I know it needs to be done, who wants to go through life looking like you are crying all the time? Not me, and I don't want Lily to have to. Actually, people ask me all the time if she had just been crying. I say no, it's her tear duct. I am praying that Lily and I are brave and that it is actually not as bad as it sounds.

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Transparent Mama said...

Oh, I'll be praying that there is no pain. Lily, I just love that name.

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