Thursday, August 13, 2009


We went to the optometrist today. It was an appointment for the doctor to look at her eye, run some screening tests to see what the problem was, make sure it wasn't baby glaucoma and was in fact a blocked tear duct. I thought we were actually having the procedure today based on what her pediatrician said. So now I am prolonging my nervousness for a couple weeks. She was given a partial eye exam which she did great with. The doc ruled out glaucoma and ruled in blocked tear duct. So she goes to the hospital in 2 weeks for the procedure where they will put her under anesthesia and insert the probe into her eye to find the block and unclog it. It has to be done before she is 1 because success rate of the procedure is not as good if we wait until after she is 1. Also if it goes untreated infection can occur and become worse than just a clogged tear duct. She has to go on antibiotic eye drop starting now until the procedure. I start out giving her eye drops 3 times a day and 2 days before the procedure I have to give them to her every 2 hours. It's going to be a long couple weeks. Hopefully she gets used to the eye drops and after a day or 2 takes them just fine. I am nervous though. I am also hoping that she doesn't need an eye patch after or if she does she doesn't have to wear it long because her birthday part is 4 days after the procedure. Oh well if she does I suppose, it will make for a good story when she is older.

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One of my boys had the clogged tear duct problem but thankfully, it resolved without surgery. Praying for a successful and uneventful procedure!

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