Monday, January 25, 2010

First Trip to Mobius Children's Museum

So this is a very late post but, that's ok. On New Year's Eve we went with some friends to Mobius. It's a children's museum that we have in our town. Lily was too small for the majority of activities that they have to offer but she still had fun. We won't go back until she is older and then we will get a year's membership.

There was a stage where you could play instruments, dress up, tap dance or ballet. She was very interested in tap dancing but even the smallest size shoe they had was much too big. Once she gave up on wearing the shoes she pranced around without. So cute!

They had a craft section. I thought she would have fun painting. As I was trying to get the apron on her she immediately went for the paint brush and stuck it right in her mouth. Green paint in her mouth and around. After her taste test she showed me the brush thus, dripping green paint all over my white sweatshirt. The painting didn't last long. I let her try it since after all we were both already a mess might as well see how she does with the actual painting. It didn't keep her interest long so, we moved on.

They had these little rider things. She LOVED them. She wanted to stay on them for a long time. Her legs were too short to work the properly but I helped her out and pushed her a long the track.

This was a water table that she enjoyed but again, she was slightly too little to play with it properly.

She loved this thing, what is it...bulldozer?
On the way out. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to take again when she is older and taller.

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