Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the Hunt!

I took Lily to an Easter Egg Hunt at my mom's work. It was very short and sweet but, really what 18 month old needs a long egg hunt? Especially when all the eggs are plastic and filled with candy. Ok, so maybe it's me, the parent, who doesn't need a long Easter egg hunt with a plentiful amount of candy. Anyway, my mom works at a nursing home and every year they put on the egg hunt. It's really fun for the residents to see all the kids. It seems more meaningful than taking Lily to an Easter Egg hunt at a park or something. Especially while she is so young SHE isn't going to remember it but, the residents will and for some, it may be there last Easter memory. Ok, well now for the pictures. I didn't get too many and the ones I did get are not all the good. In my defense, the hunt lasted only 15 minutes.

The Easter bunny actually made an appearance at this hunt. Apparently, this particular hunt was THEE place to be! We tried getting Lily to sit with the Easter bunny and by try I mean we let her watch other kids and babies sit with the Easter bunny, even a resident of the nursing home sat on the lap of the Easter bunny. She watched for a LONG time. We finally asked her if she wanted to go see the Easter Bunny and she firmly said, "No!" We didn't push it. No sense in upsetting her. We don't want even negative feelings associated with the Easter Bunny. So, no pictures of the Easter Bunny. Rather a picture of Lily with her Grandma wearing an "I am not so sure about this" face.

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