Saturday, April 10, 2010

So, before I get too into the weight loss journey, I decided to go ahead and have two blogs. One will be a family blog and one will be my weigh loss blog. Please be patient, dear readers, while my blog goes through some changes. I will most likely be changing the URLs so hopefully I don't lose you readers. I will update what they will be and wait a few days to make the change. Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and thank you for encouraging!

Update: After doing some research I have decided not to change the URL for my family blog, I will just be changing the title. So all you will need to look out for is the new title and the announcement for my second blog. The second blog will be all about become a better me. The original blog will be all about my family life. I hope that each reader I have will follow both blogs because truthfully I need to support in this journey of becoming a better me.


Keelie said...


MargieAnne said...

Welcome to the HYC community. I'm sure you will find encouragement and inspiration.

I have a question. How did you settle on your calorie level? It seems much lower than most people choose, especially if they are active. You are active with your family + you work out so I think you should do another check. I'd hate for you to find your plan is not sustainable.


Holly said...

Margie Anne, thank you for the welcome. I already feel inspired and encouraged and I am so grateful!

A friend helped me figure it out. It seemed low to me but I will look at it again and see if I can find some more info. We just followed a formula, figured out how many calories I needed to eliminate through food and working out to determine how many calories I should eat a day.