Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some random occurences.

There are some things I want to share with you all but not everything needs to be an individual post so here are some very random bits about our recent happenings.

1. My brother came to town. We love visits from him (and going to visit him on the rare occasion). While he was here we went to sushi. Yum! He and my mom cooked us dinner. I tried tofu tacos. I have tried tofu before and really didn't like it but, I liked it in the tacos. He ground it up really small and mixed it with onions and black beans so it didn't have the slimy texture that I really don't care for.

Lily with her Uncle Matt. Maa as she calls him.

2. Lily is definitely showing signs of potty training readiness. She likes to be in the bathroom with other people when going. She says poopoo and potty. She grabs her diaper and says the word some times. She sometimes recognizes or acknowledges at least when she has gone poopoo. When trying to change her diaper she likes to help wipe and when I am going she even tries to help me wipe, although I don't let her because that is just gross! At random times she will all of a sudden stop, bend her knees slightly and put her thigh together while putting her hands in that area. I am pretty sure she does that when she is peeing, like she feels the sensation of it. She will bring her diaper changing pad over when she needs a diaper change. I need to get her a potty chair because she is terrified of sitting on the toilet. She must think she is going to fall in. So my plan is to go at this full force this summer. Really work on encouraging but not forcing. 3. We colored Easter eggs. I let Lily help and she did a GREAT job! I was so proud of her. She only smashed one egg and didn't get anything on her clothes. I modeled how to do it and she copied perfectly!

4. She now says no. Not only does she say the word but she says it with attitude. I am trying to teach her to say no nicely, say no thank you. I get that sometimes she may need to say no so it's not as if I don't want her to say it at all. I just want her to say it nicely and not tell me no when I ask her to do something or not do something. The attitude drives me nuts and I know it's part of the age but this is a stage that I definitely want to get through fast.

5. I am now the proud owner of not one but, TWO Twilight, New Moon shirts! Oh and the movie! I have watched it 3 times since it came out on DVD, that is a total of 6 times altogether. I can't wait for Eclipse to come out. It is my favorite of the 4 books so my expectations are pretty high.

6. I have been on Spring break. It has been the most productive spring break I think I have ever had. I have been getting so much done and it feels so GREAT!

7. Lately I have been overly blessed with great friends. It's so nice to know that we have great friends that are willing to be there for us. I have been trying to find ways I can give back.

I think that's about it. I definitely have more to post but they are bigger things that will be put into a post individually.

What have you been up to lately?

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