Friday, September 26, 2008

At the hospital

I want to eventually post our birth story on here but, currently, I do not have the time to post it so, I will, instead, post some pictures of us from the hospital. The beginning of our life as a family of 3, Husband-Adam, Wife-Holly, Daughter-Lily.
This is Lily in her oxygen tent. It broke my heart to not be able to hold her or touch her other than on her foot. Just seeing her under the oxygen tent was hard. But, I do think it taught her to self soothe because she does a great job at that now.

First bath! It looks like she didn't cry but she really screamed. I think she was trying to decide if she hated it or if it really wasn't so bad.
This was my second time holding her. The first time was just for about 5 minutes. I just didn't want to let go but she couldn't be out of her oxygen tent for very long. She is absolutely adorable!
Adam was able to be the first to see Lily and hold her at the hospital while I was in recovery from surgery. I love seeing them together.

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bdayley said...

I'm sorry that you all had such a rough start. I pray things get better, as they seem to be doing.