Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Month Already?

Lily turned a month old yesterday. I find myself wondering where the time has gone. I feel like I lost a lot of what I wanted to do right after she was born. I wanted to hold her right away, take newborn pictures of her, and some other things. But, because of the surgery recovery and her rough start we missed out. So, I have started to do what I missed out on at 1 month. So as I posted earlier we went and had 4 week pictures taken at JC Penny. Then on her 1 month birthday I took the bear that my mom brought us at the hospital and put it next to her and took a picture of them. On each month birthday I will take the same picture and chart her growth that way. So, here is the picture of her 1st month. I wanted to do this at birth but just...didn't.

Also, on the day she turned one month I went to change her one last time before bed. I put her in her jammies around 8 and we go to bed around 10. I change her right before bed one last time so she is already in her jammies. To my surprise, I unzipped her jammies and found that her umbilical cord stump had fallen off. I was super excited. I thought I was going to end up putting her in the Guiness Book of World Records for stump that stays on the longest. I have read that they can take a month but didn't expect for it to stay a month exactly. So, it was a good way to end her 1 month birthday. We had to take pictures of her cute bellybutton.

And now for your viewing pleasure some super cute pictures of Lily!

Here is a real smile!
Here is my strong girl holding her head up.
I am impressed with how strong she has gotten over just a month.

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Annali said...

Wow, Holly, I can't believe she is a month already!! She is such a cutie!