Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day of Being a Mom

So I have changed some nasty diapers but this one has been the worst yet. So, I thought the experience should be shared with all of you viewers. So here is what her back looked like before I took off her clothes and changed her.

Here is her back after I took off her clothes.
Can you see that the poop reached half way up her back?

She wore a onesie that my cousins gave her when they came to see her at the hospital. It was her first time wearing it and will most likely be the last. I am wondering if there is something symbolic behind wearing a onesie that says I love Mommy and doing what she did while wearing it. No, not really. But funny.
This is what the back of the onesie looked liked after I sprayed it off. It didn't turn out very well, but I highly doubt I will be able to get the stains out after I treat it and wash it. Too bad.
Well that was part of our day today.

I love my time with her even the time I spend changing diapers.


bdayley said...

LOL! Yes, onsies can be evil little things!

Sarah said...

Seriously, my greatest fear is the blow-out diaper! Why does this happen?