Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today we spent the afternoon at Greenbluff with our dear friends Kiera, Asher, Annali and Henry. The weather was so beautiful. It was really nice to spend the day outside in the sunshine and beautiful fall colors. Lily is too young to get it but it was fun for me. My friend Kiera was kind enough to take some pictures of Lily and me sitting on the hay bails. Lily slept the entire time we were there but that's ok.
We watched Henry and Asher play with the hay. They were so cute. I can't wait to go next year when Lily is bigger and can play in the hay, go through the pumpkin patch, walk through the maze, and eat yummy harvest house food like pumpkin donoughts and caramel apple sundaes.
By the way, if you want pumpkin donoughts from the Harvest House, go on the weekend. They don't have them available on the weekdays. We were super disappointed. But excited about the gallon of apple cider I brought home.
Here are a couple of pictures of my sleepy baby, Lily and me.


Annali said...

We had fun too!

Sarah said...

You both are so cute!