Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being A Grown Up

Ok this entry is all about me and what I faced today. In the mail today I opened a lot of sad news for me. News that makes me face the fact that my fun at home with Lily everyday has to come to an end and I need to get out there in the world and make some money. I received a statement from one of my student loan companies telling me when I have to start paying and how much I have to pay. It is not nearly as much as I was fearing it would be but it is still a large amount. I also received a statement from my insurance company telling me how much 4 of my doctor bills cost, how much they are paying for, and how much I am responsible for. I am dreading when the actual bills come in the mail. I also received a few emails from my other student loan company wanting me to set my payments to them up. So, today I nearly completed my application for substitute teaching. It has taken me soooo long to do it and I am still not done. I just need to get the resume and letters of recommendation uploaded and sent. So many grown up issues all in one day. I am not ready for my fun at home to be over just yet. I am excited to get back in the classroom though. It is definately one of those bittersweet things. Ugh!!! The joys of being a grown up.

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