Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Success for the Martin Family!

We had a great Christmas. It is hard for me to believe Christmas is over. It came so fast for me and now it is over and I am already excited for next year. Lily amazed me this year. She actually opened a couple of gifts. Next year will be fun because she will be walking around and I will be chasing her and she will be just as excited about the gifts in the packages she will open as I will be. So here are some of our Christmas pictures. We had a 4 day weekend full of Christmas events with family and I couldn't decide if I wanted to post pictures of the whole weekend or just from Christmas Eve and day. There are really too many for one post so I am leaving it to eve and day.
When we walked into my mom's house on Christmas Eve the first thing we saw was an exersaucer. I was super excited. So we cleaned it and put Lily in it. I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't even think she would fit let alone play with the toys. But she did fit and she played with the toys. She loved it. This one will stay at Grandma's house so I guess we will be needing the one we have for our house back from our friend Henry. Hopefully he doesn't mind giving it up.
This was Christmas Eve. She looks like such a big girl. It amazes me at how fast she is growing and changing. To me she looks like she is one and not almost 4 months.
This was Lily's first gift. It is a shopping cart/high chair cover. It has been something I have wanted for a long time. I was impressed at the fact Lily knew what to do with the package. Next year she is going to be an old pro at unwrapping gifts.
We go to our cousins' house every year for Christmas brunch. I guess Lily really missed our cousin Alyssa because when Alyssa nealt down in front of Lily, Lily leaned right over to, what it looks like, give her a hug.

This is a gift she got to open on Christmas morning. It was from her cousins Terra, Jason and Alyssa.

After we left my cousins house we made a trip out to my inlaws where she received her first doll.

She received her first doll from her Grandma Jan. Her grandma Jan had the doll made over 26 years ago thinking she would give it to a daughter that she would one day have, but having 3 boys and no girls she never gave it away but actually just held on to it all these years. I guess she was lucky we had a girl. I, personally, think the doll is a bit creepy but the story behind it is cute. The Christmas box the doll came in was the perfect size for Lily so I couldn 't resist putting her in it. She just looks so cute! Her expression is priceless!

We were very blessed this Christmas. We are so thankful for our families. They have really helped us get through this last year.

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Sarah said...

She is so cute! I love her expressions.