Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok well I don't know if her cold never got better just went undercover or if she has some how caught another cold. But my baby girl is sick again and it's a little worse. She has a major runny nose and it is green, she also coughs in the mornings quite a bit, not so much during the day. She hasn't had a decreased appetite though so that is good news. We are going to the doctor on Friday for her 4 month well child checkup so I guess I am going to mention it to her pediatrician then if it doesn't get worse in the meantime. I have heard, though, that she could be teething and colds and teething go hand in hand. So maybe that is it, and I really pray it isn't because she is too young to have teeth, they probably won't be very healthy teeth if they come start coming in now.

If this is another cold, I seriously don't know how she got it because we have not been anywhere. That is what makes me think she is teething or it's the same cold. I don't know, I am just praying she gets better soon because this on top of Adan being out of town for work makes one sad mommy.

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