Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lily still has her cold. It actually seems to be a bit worse. Her little nose is so congested and it seems I can't torture her enough with the nasal aspirator and saline drops. It is hard for her to eat because of how hard it is for her to breathe. She is a trooper though. She continues to smile and just be in an overall good mood. She does get tired and a little cranky in the evening but that is normal. She doesn't have a temperature and believe me I know because I am the one to put the thermometer up her little tushey. I called the pediatrician yesterday, even though I knew there wasn't anything that could be done, but I just felt like if I didn't call, my name would get put on the list of bad moms. Sure enough, the nurse told me exactly what I thought she would tell me, that everything I have done for her is all I can do and to just keep doing it. But what the nurse didn't tell me was to pray for her and that is something that I do in addition to the aspirator, saline drops, and humidifier. I am convinced that all of my prayers is what is going to heal her because it just doesn't seem the other stuff is working, at least not as fast as I would like them to work. So, I would appreciate all of your prayers too! I would really like to see her 100% better by Christmas!

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