Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Birth Story!

With Christmas just 2 days away we have to remember why we celebrate Christmas. It isn't at all for the presents, believe me because we didn't buy one present for one single person, it isn't about the food as much as my stomach would like to believe it is, it isn't about the decorations or the tree, all though they are very nice to have, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior. So in honor of Jesus' birth I would like to share with you the birth story of my precious baby girl, Lily. Now, I was going to insert a copy of this into the Christmas cards I just got around to sending out yesterday, but I just didn't get around to it. It is a little cheesey, not the birth story, but how I wrote it, but I hope you all enjoy it.

‘Twas a week after the due date, when the doc said, “Induce.”
Not a labor pain felt, no contraction in sight..
Our doctor on call, we were getting the baby out.
In hopes our baby will soon be born.
The two of us at the hospital checked in, While visions of Lily filled our heads
Me in my gown and Adam in jeans, had just settled down for a night of unknown.
When morning came, induction had failed.
No progress was made, epidural I accepted.
Failure I was feeling, support Adam gave
We did what was needed to survive the pain
The nurses on duty from the time we were there, Gave needed comfort and care
When what to the checkup, progress was slow, But little effaced and half way dilate.
With an epidural, so strong and great I new in a moment, it wasn’t a mistake.
Slower than expected, progress was made, Doc gloved, checked, and ready I became;
Now push, and push, and push and push!
And breathe, and breathe, and breathe and breathe.
To the top of your might, to the top of your strength!
Bear down, bear down, bear down now!
As, the baby tilts her head she was stuck down low,
When they tried to turn her, straighten her head.
Pushing no good she was not coming out.
With a new position tried, that didn’t work too.
And then, in disbelief, I heard the doc say, that c-section was needed and surgery awaits.
As I felt in my eyes, the tears build up, Disbelief and scare came over our minds.
Adam in scrubs from head to toe, and his eyes filled with nerves and scare;
A smile he gave even despite. And he supported me just like that.
His eyes – how they frowned, his face how worried.
His smile reassuring, his hands of support
His presence there was what I needed
And the strength he gave me with his looks and touch
My arms on the table, he held so tight
And the surgery began and soon it was over.
Lily was out and cleaned.
With a cute little face, that looked just like her daddy.
She was chubby and plump, a perfect size and shape.
I smiled when I saw her, despite how I felt
A kiss on her cheek and smile on my face,
She was taken away to the nursery to heal
Adam said goodbye, and to the nursery he went
And stood by the side, or our miracle baby
And holding her hand he was there for her.
And giving a smile, they bonded so well.
And away I went to my recovery room.
But eventually I held her, and home we soon went!
Our birth story for you all and to you all a good-night!

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