Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Need A Little Christmas Cheer!

Ok, it's been a month and two days since my last post. I am a blog slacker but I am really ok with that because blogging is not a priority at all. I probably should just stop making empty promises in my blogs about posting pictures later and never doing it.

We, well, I, am looking forward to Lily's first Christmas. I decorated the inside of my house two days ago and I have been lighting Christmas smelling candles in my house everyday this last week. Hopefully my candles will last until Chritmas. For once, I can say it smells good in my living room. I have more decorations to put out as soon as I get some shelves hung up. We are going to get our tree tonight and decorate it tomorrow. I am going to make a nice dinner for my husband and hopefully he will let me play some Christmas CDs as we decorate the tree. I am thrilled that we are starting traditions with Lily on her very first Christmas. I only wish I had enough time this year to make our quilted stockings. Maybe I will do it right after Christmas so we will for sure have them next year. We will see. There is so much I want to get started on so I am not sure if stockings will make it even close to the top of my priority list.

It really has started to feel like the holidays. It didn't begin to feel like the holiday season until Black Friday. Not even Thanksgiving. Maybe because I was with my inlaws instead of my side of the family. I am not sure. But it felt even more so like the holiday season on Tuesday when my brother, Matt came into town. There is something about having family around that makes the holidays seem a little more "real." I was so excited to see him and introduce Lily to her Uncle Matt. We spent the afternoon on Wednesday together, just Lily, Matt, and me. We had lunch at Pita Pit and then walked over to Starbucks and had coffee. I really miss my brother. I am absolutely thrilled that him and his wife are moving back up to Washington. I love them both so much.

Adam changed our sheets last nice to white flannel sheets with red snow flakes. They were sooo cozy to sleep in. I didn't want to get out of bed at all this morning. I sure do not like the cold but I love to be cozy in the cold with scarves, hats, and mittens, and blankets, and hot coffee. It feels so good to be cozy.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed my rant about the holidays. I love the holiday season and I can't wait 'til Christmas!

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