Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sorry about the huge blank space in the last post. Totally didn't see that until after I published it. Silly me. Oh and we took some picture of Lily on Saturday and since she turned 8 weeks old today we are calling them her 8 week photos. So, sometime this week I will post them. They are so cute. Not as good as her 4 week photos because we just took them ourselves but we can't do professional pictures every month.

In other news, Lily started smiling within her first month of life. I dont think they were just gas smiles but maybe they were. But, now I know that they are for sure not from gas. Within the last week she has started smiling over things we say and do. This morning Adam and I went in to wake her up. She was smiling so big when she opened her eyes and saw us staring down at her. She kept looking back and forth from me to Adam. She was so cute. She is even smiling at the dogs when they do something in front of her. She smiles when we say something to her and when we tickle her. She is also beginning to hold things. She has held a tube of chapstick and on Halloween she held her first box of nerds. Today, at my mom's house she grabbed onto my mom's sweatshirt strings. I am totally impressed. Now, if I could get her to not get so mad when she is on her tummy she might learn to roll over. She hates being on her stomach so she is never on it long enough to build enough strength to roll over. I just don't like seeing her get so upset so I pick her up after a minute. We will keep trying though. Well, that is about all for now.

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