Saturday, February 21, 2009

We have officially started babyproofing our house. Well, really we are getting ready to get rid of the carpet in our living room and we have to remove everything. So, we decided to move stuff to the basement that we would have to move when Lily starts crawling around and pulling up on things. We packed up all of our VHS tapes and sent them to the basement. I had half a notion to get rid of them all together. We have so many and who watches VHS any more anyway? But, we have a lot of really good movies and I just couldn't part with them. Maybe one day we will be able to buy DVDs of all the movies we have on VHS. Ha, yeah right! But it would be nice.

We definitely have our work cut out for us. We sure know how to cram a lot of stuff in a small living room.


Whitney said...

how exciting to work on your house! i love house projects...wish i could help you guys out.

Holly said...

Oh Whitney, we would love your help! As we would really just love your company!