Sunday, March 22, 2009

They have been started!

My husband and his step dad started working on our floors yesterday. They spent Friday night moving furniture, stripping the carpet and carpet pad. They got that out of the house and ripped up the nail strips and took out all of the staples. They had Adam's dad come over and look at the floor to help make a plan for Saturday. It turns out there are actually two wood floors. The top layer is oak and under that is fir. The oak floor is about 1/4 in. thick so very thin. The fir flooring is really thick and it is tongue and groove so it's basically two layers thick. There are some definite character flaws but who expects a 100 year old floor to be in perfect condition. We certainly don't. Especially with all of the other "imperfections" we have found in our house. So Adam's dad (who builds huge, expensive houses for a living) told us to use the oak floor and not the fir floor. Oak is easier to find then fir and even though it is thinner it will be easier to fix if something happens then the fir floorign would be. So, we have an oak hardwood floor. We don't care too much about the color so we are not going to stain it and just let it be natural with a clear polyurethane finish. So it will be shiny.
By Saturday morning they were ready to work. They rented a sander and started sanding. The sanding took a lot longer then they expected. So, that was all that was done Saturday. Today they are going to put mineral spirits down, nail some lose planks down, put one coat of polyurethane on, fill in the nail spots with wood putty and put another coat of polyurethane down. We won't be able to put furniture back in until Wednesday night. This will be a long few days having two couches in our kitchen that take up all of the kitchen but one small walk way to get from the upstairs to the bathroom and door to leave the house.

I will post pictures of the progress when it's all finished.

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cant wait to see pictures!