Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Phones

We got new phones yesterdays. I got a Blackberry Curve and Adam got a Blackberry Pearl. I am super excited to have new phones. I am; however, bummed at how expensive the data packages are. We got the phones on sale but in order to get the sale price we had to purchase the data plan. We plan on cancelling the data plan soon because it is an extra $60 a month that we don't need to spend. But I figure while I have the data package I might as well make good use out of it. I though I could download some music, ring tones, games, some apps like the Weather Channel. Well, little did I know that those all cost an additional amount. Why? I don't understand why. Why must you pay a fee just to pay another fee to get what you want? Silly, absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. But aside from that, I like my blackberry. I like that there is a tasks feature along with a nice calendar feature. Being a substitute teacher, I live off of to do lists and a calendar. Even without the data package I will be very happy with the phone. It is taking me a while to get used to the phone. There is so much on it, it is really hard to figure out. But I did figure out how to make a call and of course one of the first things I learned how to do was send and receive text messages.

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Kait T said...

When I got my iphone I went two days without knowing how to call out. My husband was gone so I couldn't ask him! I eventually asked Courtney and she figured it out in seven seconds. :P