Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend! Late I know!

I think a while ago I posted that we went to Seattle for Mother's Day. She did a great job sleeping in the hotel. We stayed at the Univeristy Inn. It was the best place to stay. It was very affordable and had a free shuttle to pretty much any where you wanted to go in Seattle. They had a continental breakfast that included make your own belgian waffles, assortment of cereals, yogurt, fruit, muffins, and beverages. They also had a snack they served between 4 and 5 that consisted of an assortment of cheeses, crackers, and fruit. The beds were comfortable, the room had a coffee maker with complimentary coffee, cream and sugar. There was a mini fridge, microwave, hair dryer, and iron. It was great and if I ever need to stay in a hotel in Seattle again that is the place I will go. It is in the U-District so pretty close to downtown Seattle. I would recommend that place to anyone else as well.

Our first day there we had a picnice with my brother, my friends Kiera, Levi and Asher. I didn't take any pictures for some crazy reason. But we had fun! The weather was beautiful there. Sunny and warm!

Lily's first hotel stay. She slept through the night the first night and woke up once to get into bed with me the second night. She was not really cranky the entire trip and did a FANTASTIC job on the drive there. She was a little cranky on the drive back home but who can blame her. This was our first road trip so I was nervous to see how she would do.

We decided to head to the zoo. In line at the zoo she waited very patiently! Ha! Like she knew what she was supposed to be excited about.

Lily's first time petting a goat. She loves dogs and cats so I thought she would love to meet a goat too. She did!

Just because you are at the zoo doesn't mean you can't take time to get some cuddles with your grandma in.

A little visit with a very large elephant! He just walked right up to us.

My very first time seeing a giraff in real life. They are ENORMOUS! This picture really doesn't give it's tallness any justice but seriously it was HUGE!

And this peacock, also huge. I have seen them before at the zoo we used to have here in town. But never, had I seen one this large before. It was beautiful but also mean. What you don't see is the poor goat it had cornered.

A very large teddy bear!

We saw many animals and even bugs at the zoo. It was a lot of fun. We actually had time to see everything but the penguins but we were ok with that because we got to see penguins at the aquarium we went to last June. By the end, Lily just had to give dad a call to tell him all about the animals she saw and the goat she got to pet.

First time Lily got to go to the crab pot. She ate a piece of sour dough bread. That was about the only thing she could eat. She HATED it! Two little pieces and she decided not only did she not like it but she threw it all up into my hand. Her first time vomitting ever. Better my hand then her outfit I thought. She won't be eatting sourdough bread for a VERY long time.

On our way out of town we stopped to eat one last time with my brother and we also were able to dine with our friend Tim who lives over there with his wife Chelsea. We went to Chipotle. It is similar to Qdoba but in my opinion, better. The ingredients just taste better for some reason. Both good places though. I enjoy watching my brother with Lily. He loves her and you can just see how much by watching him interact with her. It was sad to leave him. I enjoyed spending so much time with him.

I was sad Adam didn't go with us to Seattle but I enjoyed the time with my family. It was nice to get away for a while and I was so PROUD of Lily. I know we can definitely handle more trips over to Seattle.


Kim said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time! That was my first time ever seeing a giraffe in real life when we went about a month ago too! I couldn't believe how big they are! Did you see the ocelot kittens? We missed them closing the exhibit by a few minutes and I was SO sad! We're getting ready to head over to Seattle again in the next few weeks and I am so excited! I love it over there!

Holly said...

We saw some kind of kitten. I got some pictures but they were through glass and didn't turn out too well. I don't remember what kind they were. Cute though, super cute! I love Seattle too! I try to go a couple times a year because I have friends and now family there. It is such a fun place!