Saturday, June 20, 2009

He is back!

Yes, my dear husband Adam is back. He got back Thursday just in time to celebrate our 4th Anniversary on Friday. My mom watch Lily while Adam and I went to a favorite restaraunt of ours, came back home to relax a little and eat some dessert that I had prepared the morning of and the day before. I made flourless chocolate cake. It was DELICIOUS! If you have not tried flourless chocolate cake you are missing out on one of the world's finest desserts! It was very easy to make too. I will tell you how right here.

Recipe for flourless choclate cake:

in a small sauce pan heat up 1/2 cups of water, 1/4 tsp of salt, and 3/4 cup of sugar. Heat it until sugar is melted and set aside
in a double boiler melt 18 ozs of chocolate, I used semi-sweet because that is what I had. You could do dark chocolate or bitter-sweet. I wouldn't do milk chocolate though.

After chocolate is melted put it in a mixing bowl and put 1 cup of unsalted butter in broken into pieces and mix in one piece at a time. Then mix in the sugar solution. Then beat in 3 eggs and 3 egg whites, one egg at a time. Then bake in a cake pan for 45 min on 300. I used a spring form pan but a cake pan would work just fine. A water bath would probably be good too. I just put a dish of water on the bottom rack of my oven and that worked.

Chill the cake over night. It will taste better that way. Heat in microwave for 15 seconds right before serving if you want it warm.

I also made a raspberry sauce to go over the top. This was easy too. Boil raspberries, sugar, and a small amount of orange juice for 5 minutes. Then blend with whatever type of blender you have, then strain with a seive. I also made whipped cream.

Everything was SUPER easy and it was SOOOO delicious. Adam loved it. We brought a piece over to my mom to thank her for watching Lily for us. She loved it too! We have over half of it left! We will be enjoying our anniversary cake all weekend! I didn't take a picture. Adam usually thinks it silly when I take a picture of our food. But maybe I will tonight when we have it again and I can add it to the post. (Picture added-see above for extreme mouthwatering viewing pleasure)

I encourage you to try this recipe out if you are a chocolate lover!

Tomorrow is Father's Day! Adam's first official Father's Day! I thought so much about how I was going to spoil Adam after he got home Thursday and what I was going to make for our Anniversary that I have't thought about Father's Day. I need to get busy brainstorming what I can do or make.

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Adman4 said...

This was the greatest dessert ever! And I love you wife!!!!!!!!