Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adam is out of town for work and we miss him SOOOO much! He left Monday morning and is coming home Thursday afternoon. 4 days is not that long but when you love someone so much and depend on someone so much, going 4 days without them goes by REALLY slow.

Adam and Lily love each other very much. She looks like such a big girl sitting on her daddy's lap. Believe it or not that dress she is wearing is 3 months size. Crazy to me.

While daddy has been away...

Lily tried scrambled egg yoke for breakfast and LOVED them. She also attempted s fork for the first time. She was not so successful but enjoyed banging the fork and moving her food all over the tray.

Lily is now crawling! Regular crawling that is. She crawls all over the place and goes after the animals at any chance she gets. Here is Lily at the pet door and you can see Peaches' snout just on the other side if you look close. One of these days she is going to escape if I don't keep a better eye on her. Boy do I have my hands full!

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