Monday, June 8, 2009


As I posted yesterday Lily is now 9 months old. Looking back on her 8th month of life I am reminded of how much she learned, grew, and accomplished. Her accomplishments during month 8 surpassed the amount of accomplishments in any other single month. I posted many of her conquerings but I would like to recap in one post. Let's start with her mobile abilities. She started sitting up at just before 5 months and could put herself into laying position at 6 months or so. But during her 8 month she started putting herself from laying to sitting. She began army crawling and just before she turned 9 months she took a couple of steps regular crawling. She has been pulling herself up using a persons hands for months but in her 8th month she started pulling herself up on furniture. Next we will move on to her oral/non-verbal communication abilities. She spoke her first word other than mama and dada, which was "kitty." Everytime she sees a cat or dog she says, "Kitty!" I have been told she sounds like Boo from Monster's Inc. Which is funny to me because our cat is named Sulley from that movie. Not only that but she says hi and has said a few times icky, and poop maybe two times.
Other information from month 8 to be noted, she cut her first tooth, it was the bottom left. She went on her first trip out of town and slept over night somewhere other than our house and the first few days of her life at the hospital. She also learned to drink through a straw, started using a sippy cup, and sadly caught her first flu bug.

I think that about sums it up. Now I realize that a lot of things she has been working towards in previous months of life but they all came out at once. There have been many "Oh my goodness" moments last month. I am so excited to see what will happen in this 9 month. I will post pictures next time. Hopefully one of her TOOTH!

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