Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Midnight Blogging!

I CANNOT sleep! So instead of laying in bed tossing and turning and keeping my husband up I decided after an hour I would head downstairs. So I scrubbed the bathroom and the bathroom floor and now I am blogging. There isn't really any more cleaning I can do that wouldn't wake my family up so here I am typing away and I am not sure how much sense this will make to you readers because it is after midnight and I get a little loopy in the late hours of the day. So read on at your own risk.

I have realized in the last couple of days that even though it is July, there really isn't much summer left for me. I love the fall and can't wait for the fall season, it is the one season I long for year round! It's beautiful outside, I can wear scarves, and LONG PANTS, oh I hate shorts season, Greenbluff harvest festival, pumpkins, preparing for the holiday season ahead, rich colors to decorate my house with, the fair-Giant burritos from the Senor Froggy booth that I didn't get to partake in last year because I was having a baby, beginning of baking and eating scrumptious treats, and this year especially our fall kick off will be VERY exciting-Lily's first BIRTHDAY and my own birthday 5 days after hers.

But aside from that the end of summer also brings me back to work. Having the extra income which actually isn't extra it is needed income will be nice. But, time away from Lily is going to be sad! I don't get to work part time any more either. We decided that it would be best in many ways that I work full time as much as I get calls for any way. Obviously if I get that job I will be working full time all year but I am not really counting on that, just hoping. Another reason why I am not looking forward to the end of summer is I haven't even come close to finishing all the projects I wanted to finish. I have done a LOT though. I have cleaned out my entire house which I am SOOOO proud of. I have cleaned out the majority of my front yard, I am just trying to kill the beastly weeds I have and keep it as green as I can without sending our water bill through the roof. But I haven't started working on the backyard and that was/is the HUGEST project since we don't have a backyard we have a back field, I haven't sewn anything, knitted anything, or scrapbooked anything. I wanted to get Lily's birthday dress sewn and some winter hats knitted for her. I also wanted to finish the binding on a quilt that I made and haven't done that. Oh so many things...yet I am wasting my time blogging in the middle of the night. What am I thinking?! And the main thing I have NOT done yet is find CHILDCARE for Lily. How can I work if I don't have child care? But there is a light at the end of this tunnel that looks promising. I have 2 interviews set up one for later today, Thurs afternoon and one Friday afternoon. Hopefully they will go well and I will end up with one that I trust completely to take care of my daughter, one that will commit to the entire school year, and one that Lily absolutely adores.

Well I guess I can say I have spent a LOT of time with Lily! That is the most important! I just wish I was wonder mom and could do it ALL.


Kim said...

WonderMom doesn't exist! It sounds like you've accomplished a lot this summer! Plus entertaining Lily, which is top priority of course! :)

bdayley said...

ooohhh now I can't wait for fall!! tsk tsk lol