Monday, July 20, 2009


We haven't really been doing much. Adam had lithotripsy on Thurs. to blast the kidney stones. We spent the whole weekend vegging other than 2 trips to the park and I did some yard work.

So I will start with Adam's procedure. Since then other than resting and recooperating from having his stomach blasted with ultra sonic waves he is doing better. He said his back is feeling better but he still hasn't passed the stones which concerns me but, he goes for a follow up in a couple weeks so hopefully all will be well. I am excited to have a healthy husband again. It has been over a month since he initially found out he has kidney stones which means over a month of a husband in pain everyday. It's high time he is better!

On to Lily. She is ALL over the place and learning something new almost daily. She loves to unroll the toilet paper. I am not a fan of that at all. It's such a waste. But kids will be kids. She crawls so fast. I didn't know it was possible to crawl as fast as she can crawl. When she is trying to get to something she shouldn't be like the animals' water and she hears a stern, "NO Lily!" she looks back, smiles, and crawls even faster. We rairly beat her to the water or whatever it is she is going for. It is so hard not to laugh. She is a funny girl. I think she is also cutting more teeth. She makes the funniest faces. What else? Oh we went to the park and she LOVED it! So we went 2 days in a row. We spent some time at the splash pad. She really like getting the water. She laughed and laughed. She didn't like to crawl on the ground which is colored cement I guess. So instead of crawlign on her hands and knees she crawled on hands and feet. She hasn't ever liked swings until this last Saturday I put her in one again just to see and she appeared to actually enjoy herself. I am so glad we have one of the best parks in our city about a minute away from our house. Her hair is also growing just a little. We do have to brush it after the bath and sometimes after she wakes up I have to get it wet and brush it or she just goes with wild and crazy bed head. She is learning to brush her own hair. We say, "Lily, brush your pretty hair." And she does but, she doesn't get the part where you are supposed to brush with the bristle part. It's cute though. She also knows where mommy's nose is and daddy's nose and her grandma's nose when asked, "Where is _____'s nose?" My mom said she pointed out her nose but I have yet to see her do that. She also says up and pup. She mimmics a lot of what I say. She talks all the time. She is pointing at everything too. She does such a good job pointing. She says mama all of the time. She calls me mama but she also calls everything else mama. I am not sure if she is actually calling the item mama but she points to something and says mama so she might be trying to show me. I can't tell for sure but it's cute anyway.

Now with me. I haven't heard anything about that job yet. But, it is still early. I do hope I get it, but I also wouldn't mind subbing another year to be home more with Lily. So I guess I won't be heart broken if I don't get it. Adam took me to see Harry Potter on Sunday while my mom took Lily for the afternoon. We haven't gone to see a movie together in AGES! We do Netflix and don't really like to spend the money on movies at the theater but on rare occasions for movies like HARRY POTTER we will splurge. It was so good and it was so nice to get out and do something together as husband and wife other than mama and dada. Adam thinks it's weird that I go to Harry Potter movies not knowing what is going to happen because I have not read the books. He says the vasy majority of Americans have read the books and I am one of few who haven't. While I don't know if that's true I also know I would enjoy reading the books and thus, I have vowed to have the entire series read by the time the next, and FINAL Harry Potter is released in the thearter. I just finished a series of books called Uglies. Actually only the first books is called Uglies. The rest are called Pretties, Specials, and Extra's. They are written by an author named Scott Westerfeld. They are teen books but are SOOOO good. I highly recommend them. They are action packed and kind of twisted, set in the future. I have started Anna Karinina by Tolstoy. He also wrote War and Peace. I am really getting into the book so far. It is my goal to have it read by the time I go back to school in September. We will see though, it's a VERY long book. After I finish Anna Karinina I will start the Harry Potter series. I do have my reading load cut out for me.

That about sums it up for my little family of 3. Now for the fun part...PICTURES!

At the park. Attack of the camera.

Thirsty after working hard getting the water.

She loved to kick the water!

Crawling on her hands and feet.

Walking around...SO big!

All this splashing around makes a 10 month old sleepy!

Muffin thief! Maybe she actualy belongs to the Muffin Man.

Helping mom with the laundry?


coco-ono said...

anna karenina is one of my very favorite books. i read it the first time for a book report in the 8th grade and i've probably read it at least 20 more times since then!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, Lily is getting so big!! ant not to stinking cute!!!