Monday, July 27, 2009

Our New Childcare Provider...

Is a HIT, in my eyes and in Lily's! Here is the story on how I found her.

With just over a month away until school starts I started panicing about childcare. I didn't want daycare for Lily and was avoiding it at ALL costs. I began to think about a nanny. I thought no way in my wildest dreams will I be able to afford a nanny if I think daycare is over priced. The more I looked into, the more I realized that yes it can be expensive but it can also be very reasonable. So I found two different websites for au pairs and childcare providers in general. I liked the au pair website but it was definitely NOT for me. Most of the people were from other countries and it was VERY expensive for the membership to even join the website. The other site is caller It aloud me to place my job on the site without becoming an official member. So I wrote up my job and placed it hoping that someone might respond to it. The way the sites work is you are not aloud to include your contact info in any of the job description otherwise they lose money and it defeats the purpose of having those sites. I had a trial membership for a week and no one was interested in the job. It came to the second to last day and they were offering me 10% off of the membership. It was going to cost me 9.99 per months plus a 29.99 one times sign up fee. So I got 10% off of that and within a couple days of purchasing the membership I got someone interested in the job I posted. I had also been interested in a couple people. One person who I contacted I was supposed to meet to do an interview but she called and cancelled because her child was sick and I haven't heard from her since. The first person who applied for my job was someone who I was interested as well. Her bio sounded great, the only reason why I didn't contact her myself was because her rate was a little more than I was willing to pay. But we talked on the phone and she sounded FABULOUS! We met the next week at her home. She has a large family but all of her kids except 1 are school aged and she only takes 1 other child to school everyday and it is really close to her house. Her youngest is a little boy about 6 or so months older than Lily. I spent over an hour in her home talking and getting to know her. Lily had a great time and immediately started playing with the toys there and crawling all over the place. She even sat on her lap and listened to a story. When we got to amount of pay what she had proposed was completely doable. What sold me was 2 things she is a Christian which is SO important to me and Lily would have a playmate in her son.

Lily was there without me for the first time today for about 4 hours. She did a GREAT job. She didn't cry once and she played and laughed. She ate well, they went to the park, she coplayed with her new playmate. What topped it off is when I got there to pick her up, she was ALL smiles. I couldn't be any happier. I would definitely recommend the site to anyone in need a child care.

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you have found someone you like, I bet that is a huge relief!