Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Wrong With Me?

I have been SOOOO tired all day everyday for quite a while. I have tried changing up my diet, more protein, less carbs. It works for a day or 2 then I am back to feeling so tired again. I have no energy to do anything around the house and barely keep up with Lily. Any ideas on things I can do to increase my energy level?


Holly said...

I figured out what is wrong with me and in about a week or so I should get my energy back. After 21 months of this part of my life being absent, I guess I have forgotten how much it zaps me.

Matt said...

So what is it? And hopefully you haven't completely cut out carbs. They provide you with energy, especially if you're exercising. Just make sure to eat complex carbs, not empty ones.

Holly said...

Oh Matt, hahaha, it's my monthly gift that only females are blessed with. I have cereal most mornings and a tortilla wrap for lunch. I haven't completely cut them out but I am not eating any more bread and only eating whole wheat pasta.