Friday, September 25, 2009

It has been a while but I just wanted to pop on and let you know a little of what is going on in our life. We are headed out in a couple of hours to go to Seattle. I can't wait! It is going to be a beautiful, splendid weekend!

Lily had her pre-op appointment for her procedure that is coming up on Tuesday. She is good to go unless she gets sick. We are still praying that the balloon catheter is a success and we can be done with the tear duct problems.

Subbing is picking up a little. I have been working about every other day with a couple of days already filled up in October.

Oh and it's already October next week! Holy moly people! It's October, the fall, beautiful autumn is finally here! Harvest festival here we come, Lily's first pumpkin carving here we come, Halloween, here we come, holiday season kick off here we come! Oh I just can't wait!!! Can you tell?

I went to the Just Between Friends Sale here in our town last night. It is the largest consignment sale in our area. HUGE!!! They discourage you from bringing small children and Adam was supposed to have a dinner with the class he has been taking for the last few weeks AND my mom had her bowling league so, for the first time we had to find a sitter for Lily. I called up my sister in law and asked if her and her husband (my husband's brother) wanted to do it. They agreed and so I forewarned them that she is still nursing and never been without me until latest 8 and that was with her dad and it was an awful time. She cried and cried and pushed him away, crawled to the door and was crying out, Mama, Mama. Sad right. But the girl has to learn at some point to be without me in the evening. So anyway, they were warned. I told them all the different things they could give her for dinner. I showed them her room and where all of her toys are in the different areas of the house. They were set. I sat down with her on the floor so she would start playing with some toys and she started crying before I even reached the door. I got home to find out that Adam had arrived 10 minutes after I left, that he wasn't able to attend the dinner because the person that drove him didn't want to go, and that Lily did not stop crying even once in the 10 minutes she was with her Aunt and Uncle. Adam was disappointed he did go to the dinner but I was relieved on Lily's part and my brother in law and sister in law.

The sale was great though. I was able to get a table and 4 chairs, a kitchen (which will be Lily's Christmas present), many pairs of cute jeans size 12 months and 18 months most of which came with a top, 2 pairs of cute winter boots in size 3 and size 4 because I am just not sure what size she will be in, and some toys for my mom's house, a red winter dress coat, and some PJs. I spent a bit more than I was planning but I just couldn't pass up all I got. I wanted to get a potty chair and a wagon but wasn't able to. They didn't have any of the potty chairs I want her to have and I missed the last wagon by mere seconds and had I been looking in the right direction at the right time I would have gotten one. The people who were in front of my in line got the last one which I was a little upset with because one girl let another girl cut and the wagon was for the girl that cut in line. I know I am not in elementary school any more but I REALLY wanted a wagon. The next sale I will be more observant in hopes of getting a wagon.

Well that is really about it for us right now. I hope all of my incredible readers are enjoying life at it's fullest!

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