Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Work has been busy. This week is a 4 day week because there isn't school for students or subs on Friday as it is a teacher work day. I worked today and am already booked the rest of the week. Cold/Flu season is in full swing which means more jobs for me. I need to stay as healthy as I can but, have already been battling a cold which fortunately I am slightly winning that battle. I am excited to earn a full paycheck at the end of the month. Then I have one more paycheck until Christmas. I am trying to work as much as I can because I want to be able to buy some gifts for some family members and also make it financially through the winter when I am off of work for 2 to 4 weeks and be able to enjoy the gift giving season without feeling guilty of spending too much.

Anyway, back to being busy. Lily had her procedure. I don't know if I updated or not. I am still not sure if it was successful. It has been leaking but not as much and it could just be drainage. Right after the procedure she had drainage out her eye and nose. The drainage turned right into a cold so it's really hard to say. We go back to the opthamologist in 2 weeks and Lily is still on the eye drop antibiotics for 1 more week.

I have decided to nurse Lily only when I want to and at specific times. That has definitely helped in my feeling frustrated. It is, like I thought it would be, easier now that I am working more. I don't think she minds the new schedule of nursing either, she still gets to do it when she wants to most but, I am not letting her nurse throughout the day just because she wants to.

She gets closer and closer to walking by the day. She now stands and has even taken a couple of steps when we ask her, "Lily, can you walk?" She just needs a little more courage. We do cheer her on and tell her she is doing a good job. We stand there, in front of her, with arms out and smiles are our faces saying, "Come on, Lily! You can do it!" Her little knees shake and she gets so excited but something holds her back from just stepping out. One time she took one step and fell then another time she took 2 steps and reached her destination, her daddy's arms. She will get there in her own time I just hope it's soon because she is getting awfully heavy and all of her friends are walking and leaving her in the dust while she so desperately wants to be with them, right there, walking and running around. She is quite the climber. She climbs on everything she can and has been doing that for a couple months now.

Seattle was good. We didn't do much, just hung out with family and friends. Lily had a really hard time on the drive. She cried for much of the way there and much of the way back. On the way there she got so mad at me she just glared in anger at me, which was a new thing for her and me, kinda made me a bit sad. I guess that means we need to take more trips over so she gets used to the drive.

She is developing a toddler sized temper. When she is mad she bangs her against something, even our hardwood floor. It's not good because she has actually bruised her head a couple times but I don't know how to stop the behavior. I try to ignore it but she just bangs again and again. Adam doesn't want to ignore it because he doesn't want her to injure her head which makes sense, but I have been told that the best way to change a 1 year old's bad behavior is to ignore it. I don't know what to do.

Friday, I will try to post some pictures of our Seattle trip. I think that is all the updating I can do for one night.

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