Thursday, October 22, 2009

I threw out my back yesterday morning. How, you ask? Getting up off the couch to use the restroom. Yeah, ridiculous, right? I have a bad back that on occasion aches. 7 years ago it was pretty bad. I was put on a treatment plan with a chiropractor and after my insurance would no longer cover any more treatments, I stopped going. I haven't been back to the chiropractor since. I haven't been in such bad shape that I was willing to spend the money or the time. But, yesterday my pain put me to tears and made for a day subbing in a zoo kindergarten almost impossible and caring for Lily very challenging. Adam and I decided it was best for me to cancel the job I had today and stay home. My mom yet again came to our rescue and took the day off of work to come over, help with Lily, do my dishes, clean Lily's room and take me to the chiropractor, then after the chiropractor she took Lily to her house and spent the remainder of the day watching her until Adam got off work. Isn't my mom the best? I couldn't be more grateful but I am going to have to make all this up to her when we are all back up on our feet. Not sure what I will do though. Hmmm...

Ok anyway, I randomly chose a chiropractor out of the phone book. I was a little hesitant because so many chiropractors are not adequate, the do minimal adjustments to keep you coming back. I found a Christian chiropractic office so I went with that one. I called and they could see me in an hour and a half from when I called. I was excited, relief was just around the corner. We made it to the office, I sat down with the chiropractor in his office. He asked me about my pain and talked personally, he graduated from the same high school I did a long with my grandma, mom, aunts, uncles, brother, and some of my cousins. We joked about the reputation our alma mater has. He asked me if I had any questions. I asked him about using heat and ice. He confirmed what I already knew, that heat is bad if there is inflammation. We headed to the treatment room where my day began to improve! He looked over my whole body to see where it needed to be adjusted. He made his evaluation and told me what was wrong. My shoulders were out of place, I had severe tension in between my shoulder blades which is where my pain stems from so that I knew. My head was crooked from my spine being crooked. Now, the big part, the part that has nothing to do with the pain that I am in but created a great deal of pain on my heart. My pelvis is crooked. Yup, my pelvis is crooked, the part of a woman's body that a baby passes through when they are being birthed. The part of my body the Lily was stuck in because her head was tilted, oh so I was told. The chiropractor asked me if I was able to birth naturally. I said no, I was told my daughter's head was tilted. Well it turns out that her head wasn't crooked, I was crooked. No one told me my pelvis was crooked, I had no idea, I never had an ounce of back pain during my entire pregnancy. He said that women who have a crooked pelvis cannot pass a baby through the pelvis and chiropractic adjustments are crucial in the 3rd trimester and a lot of times OB's will notice and suggest a chiropractic adjustment during the mother's 3rd trimester. My OB never said anything about my pelvis, he failed me again. I started crying right there on the treatment bed and needed to apologize for being emotional because that was so upsetting to me. I tried so hard to have a natural birth and all I needed was a chiropractic adjustment to successfully birth naturally. I wouldn't have had a sick baby, I wouldn't have had a c-section, future births wouldn't have to be c-sections (if and only if we even have any more), I wouldn't have missed out on seeing and holding my baby right after she pushed her way out of me, instead of seeing her a day later after being cut out of me. I was shocked. After the treatment I came out and told my mom. She was PISSED to say the least. She was going on about taking legal action and there has to be something I can do, that I should write the OB a letter or better yet schedule an office visit and confront him. She was already furious with the OB that I had, this just tipped the cake. We can't go back and change what happened, there were no lasting effects on Lily. She is perfectly healthy and what was done was done. I won't be going back to previous OB, that for certain. I won't be recommending this OB to anyone either. But, I don't want to press it, it did after all happen 13 + months ago and won't change anything. I can't even say it would change the way he practices on other people. He is a big name doctor in my community and has a LOT of patients, I am sure he has the malpractice insurance to cover himself.

But, on a better note, I am feeling a little better. I am not aloud to lift or turn my head for a couple of days and I go back on Tuesday for another adjustment. I should be feeling 100% very soon!


Janelle said...

Was it Houk Chiropractic that you went to? That's who I go to, and I love them. I don't know what type of health insurance you have, but if you do have another baby I would suggest you try and go to Dr. Melissa Sousley. She is amazing. She gets to know her patients personally and spends way more time with each patient than is required of her (this does make the wait at appointments a little longer, but it is totally worth it). She totally supports anyone who wants to do things naturally and really pushes for things like breastfeeding. She is both a family doctor and an OB, so if you liked her you could keep her for your regular doctor. Graesen and I both go to her. She is the best doctor I have ever had and is truly a wonderful person.

Holly said...

I went Houk 7 years ago but the doctor I really liked moved so I stopped going because I didn't really care for anyone else. The place I went to today is called Alpine Family Chiropractic.

I actually had Dr. Sousley as my doctor and ob when she had her own practice, I think it was called Old Time Family Wellness, by Home Depot. But, since she is just at Group Health now I can't see her. I DID really like her though.

I don't have health insurance right now and I don't know when I will get it, probably when I get an actual job. Frustrating but it's too expensive right now.

Janelle said...

I totally understand. I had a hard time finding insurance. Right now I pay 338 a month for Graesen and I for group health. It is expensive, but without it our hospital bills would have been insane.

the Furgason Family said...

wow, Holly, that's rough! Back injuries are the worst, or so I'm told. Nick threw his out about a year ago at work....driving a riding lawn mower. Crazy how such painful things can happen over nothing! He went to a chiro and physical therapist for a couple weeks and remembered a lot of the stuff the PT did with him so now, any time he feels like his back is acting up, he does those things.
Let me know if you need anything!