Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Year Pictures!

We had Lily's One Year Photos done today and got them on CD today. Yes our photographer is fast and amazing! We will be using our friend Monika to do our pictures from now on. We went to Riverfront Park here in our town. It's a beautiful park all year round. It is downtown and our river runs through the park. It's beautiful. The weather this morning was PERFECT! The sun was shining in just the right way, it was not too cold, nor too hot. Goldilocks would have loved it just as much as we did. Anyway, Lily did great. She loved to see all of the ducks that were in the river which created a lot of great expressions. Without further ado, Lily's pictures...enjoy!

Totally content.

I love her expression here. I wonder what exactly she was thinking.

Look at those mysterious eyes.

Isn't this one just great? It's hilarious.

Isn't she just the most perfect little girl you have ever seen? I could stare at her all day long, every day for the rest of my life! I just adore her! Now, I have to face the challenge of deciding which ones to print. There are a lot more than these and they are all just SOOO good!


Janelle said...

Those are so cute!

bdayley said...

These pictures couldnt be more perfect!!