Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Things First!

Yes Halloween was almost almost a month ago but I promised Halloween pics and I can't break a promise.

So here you have it, some Halloween pics. We took Lily trick or treating with some friends of ours. Lily did a great job going door to door. It was like she knew exactly what to do. She would hold out her bucket and let the person at the door place a piece of candy in it or if she was given the opportunity she would grab one piece of candy from a candy bowl and place it in her bucket. As for her bucket she refused to let anyone carry it for her or even help her carry it. She carried it the entire 45 minutes we were out trick or treating with the exception of the last block we walked. She had a lot of fun and looked absolutely adorable as a little pink monster!

After trick or treating we went to my mom's church. They had jumping castle and she LOVED that.

When we got home she wanted to dig through her bucket as see all the goodies she got. We were mean parents and didn't let her have any candy. We just feel like she is too young for candy. She has since then had 2 dumb dumbs, a couple tiny pieces of chocolate and a couple licks of a tootsie pop. The non candy items I will save for her for when she is older.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I apologize for being so late!

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