Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am back!

It is 2010 now and I better give you all an update.

We had a GREAT December. It was filled with a lot of adventure for our little family of 3. I worked quite a bit the first half then had 2 weeks off for winter break. Every day of that break was filled with something and Adam was off a good portion of it so we had a lot of time together. Which was much needed as he will soon be working 7 days a week with his current job and a second job. We are not looking forward to this stage in our life but it is needed for us financially to get his doctor bills from his kidney stones paid off and a little money saved.

At the beginning of September Lily turned 15 months old! She is getting so big. She not only walks but is running all over the place. I feel like everyday she learns something new and seems just a little smarter. She has developed this sense of humor where she tries to show off and get attention through silly little comedy acts. It's hilarious! Since she turned 15 months she was due for a well child check. I had to work the day of the appointment. I did try to reschedule but they wouldn't have been able to get her in for almost a month so I just kept it. Never again will I miss a well child check appointment. I am grateful I have a husband who is able and willing to take her but, for my own peace of mind, I need to be the one to go. This was the first one I have missed and will be the last. So her stats from her check up thus: she weighs 20 lbs and 6 ozs which puts her in the 10th percentile. Her weight percentile has dropped at every well child check but she hasn't actually lost weights since her first couple weeks of life. Her pediatrician is not worried about it and neither am I. She eats, she drinks, she is growing, she is mentally alert and right where she needs to be as far as abilities. I can't remember her exact height but she is in the 50th percentile. That has dropped significantly too but, nothing is wrong, she is growing taller just not growing as much.

The weekend before Christmas some family members came in to town, my grandma, my cousin, and my uncle's wife. I enjoy the times I get to spend with this part of my family even though it's not very often. We are trying to rectify that but, it's hard. My brother and his girlfriend also came to town. So the girls I just mentioned, the 3 of us, and my bro and his girl went to lunch. It was a good time. Actually my cousin treated us to lunch which was such a blessing to us and so generous of her. After lunch Adam went home with Lily while I went shopping with my family. I don't know the last time I went shopping with my cousin. It was nice. Not that it was anything spectacular but, spending the time together I said, nice!

We took Lily to see Santa a couple days before Christmas Eve. We were originally going to go with a friend and her son but my friend got sick. Then, my mom decided she wanted to take Lily so we went with her and my brother and his girlfriend wanted to come along, a friend of theirs also came. Lily had quite the crowd watching her sit upon Santa's lap for the first time. She did not enjoy Santa's lap. She cried and fought very hard to get down. They did snap a picture and she is not sobbing she just has the cutest most pathetic sad face. Then my mom treated all of us to Thomas Hammer before my brother's girlfriend had to catch her plane to get back home.

Christmas Eve we spent with my mom and brother. It was nice, pretty casual. We had dinner and opened a few presents. My mom got us a date night including dinner at Outback and a movie. She got Lily some books and a kitchen that she received Christmas morning.

Christmas morning my mom and brother came over to our house. My mom made us breakfast and when Lily woke up she came down to see all that Santa had brought her. Lily was really not interested in opening presents. She just didn't get the concept. She did play with her kitchen though, that we didn't wrap. It took Adam 3 hours to put it together and after that we weren't about to spend another bit of time wrapping it. Lily also got a baby stroller, some play food to go with her kitchen, a sock monkey, a tiny baby doll, and some Bible story books.

We then headed to my cousin's house for her annual Christmas brunch. A large amount of my extended family come to my cousin's house for brunch. (different cousin from the one that came to town the weekend before) It is the only day I see some of the relatives so I look forward to it. Plus, there are a couple of kids there for Lily to play with and my cousin and her husband are having a baby so there will be one more child for Lily to play with. We are excited about that. After the brunch we went home. We relaxed the rest of the day. Normally we go straight out to Adam's mom's house but this year we celebrated the day after Christmas. It was nice not to go to a bunch of places. We did stop by Adam's dad's house late afternoon. He lives about 2 minutes away so it was nice and close.

Saturday we drove out to Adam's mom's house and spent the day. We were blessed with gifts as we are every year. Lily got a child size, white, wooden rocking chair, an Elmo robot that says like 60 different things and is just awesome, a sled, and a beautiful cedar chest, stained a cherry color to use as a toy box. It's amazing! Adam and I were blessed with a large amount of movies, Wii Sports Resorts, Wii Mario Bros, an external hard drive, ceramic mixing bowls, rotating waffle maker, cookie sheets, socks, slippers, gift card, Bath and Body works lotions and soaps, snow tires, work clothes, and a box freezer. After opening gifts we just hung out. We ate dinner at about 3 then went home. It was relaxing! I really liked having Christmas celebrations split up amongst multiple days. It was much less stressful and it gave Lily some time to recover.

Before the year was up we went to Mobius Childrens' Museum with a friend and her son. It was our first time there. It's a great place, so much fun, so much for kids to do and learn. Lily was a little too short and young for many of the activities but that did NOT stop her from trying. They have an art center and we attempted to paint a picture. As I was tying the apron on she grabbed the brush right out of the paint cup and put it straight to her mouth then held it over to me where it dripped paint, a LOT, of paint on my WHITE jacket, it was green paint no less. I wasn't upset at all though, I thought it was funny. We attempted the paint a little more then decided to move on because she was clearly not old enough to handle painting. They had a stage with drum and tap shoes and dress up clothes. She loved watching people bang on the drums and tried tap dancing. All the shoes they had were much too big for her but she still tried. I think I am going to have to enroll her in some kind of dance class in a year or so. She will love it. I am going to buy a membership to the museum when she is a little older too. It was a great place and she loved it she was just a little small for the majority of the activities.

Well that covers the bigger stuff we did in our last month of 2009. I will post some smaller stuff in a separate post.


Kim said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! I wish that we'd gotten together while you were off work! Christmas time is just so busy! We'll have to get together another time!

Adam started another job? Where's he working? Are you a little bit excited about what a stress reliever that has to be?

Ummmm...holy Christmas celebrating! You guys did a lot! I can't believe how much Adam's Mom got you! That was quite a list!

Preston started thinning out at his well-baby appts after he started walking. Our nurse told us it happens around that stage. She also said that she thinks genetics start to kick in, and you child starts to take on more of the shape they will have. So Lily might just be shorter and teeny tiny skinny! Preston got tall and slimmed out! It's so funny to watch them change from plump little one to big kids!

Holly said...

I wish that we had gotten together too Kim! At least I saw you at Courtney's shower.

He is going back to Walgreens as a pharmacy tech. That's how we met! :)
I am going to MISS him like crazy but the financial peace is a great feeling.

Adam's mom's love language is gift giving. We are blessed every year with gifts from her.

I hope and pray Lily will be a skinny kid with a high metabolism so she doesn't have the weight issues and self-confidence issues that I have had my whole life. My fingers are crossed it's genetics! I am also trying to encourage healthier eating habits for her so hopefully that helps her later in life.

Deona said...

Sorry I haven't replied sooner (things have been a little busy at work), but I am glad you enjoyed our visit. We had a great time and look forward to maybe doing it again sometime!! Glad to hear your Christmas worked out, and it sounds as good as ours~ fun, relaxing, and mostly stress free. I hope this year is filled with lots of love, happiness, and things to bless you and your family!! Love, Deona