Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lily Update

I was just thinking that I haven't really updated you on Lily and what she is doing these days.

She is speed walking. I would call it running but, her knees don't really bend, her hips just move REALLY fast.

She says a LOT of words. Let's see if I can remember them all, kitty, doggy, bird, ball, bath, bubbles, buh-bye, please, nurse, cheese, peas, juice, dadda, mama, hi, hello, elmo, shoes, socks, book, car, truck, nigh-night, baby, bear-bear (my mom's dog), Lola (our friends dog), Sulley (our cat, she pronounces it Lulla) and there might be more but, those are the main words. Not all these words have exact pronunciation of course but, who expects a 1 year old to have perfect word pronunciation? I don't!

Phrases she says are nurse please, juice please, and up please. She said no mama one time. Even though she says please (pronounced without the l) when she says up please, she says bup poo. It is the cutest thing and I love hearing her say it. When she wants up I always ask her to say "up please" mostly just to hear her say "bup poo." Often times she will just come up to me with her arms up towards me and she will say it without prompting.

The other day she woke up in the morning and I wasn't planning on nursing because I had to get to work but, she asked to "nurse please" all on her own. I couldn't resist. She said please without prompting so I took 5 minutes and nursed her.

She loves the outdoors. I really want to get my back yard leveled and get grass seed planted so she can play back there. But, that's a whole 'nother post.

She gives her daddy kisses more than anyone. She only kisses me about once a week. Sad right? I mean for me, it's good she likes to kiss her daddy so much.

She loves blowing bubbles and watching the dog try to eat the bubbles.

She loves reading books, sometimes she will want to read the same book 5 times right in a row.

She sings the Elmo song. Totally cute! She likes to watch Elmo on YouTube. Whenever either of us are on the computer she is right there asking to watch Elmo. She also knows the song "if you are happy and you know it."

She dances and sings. She has an actual singing voice. It is a higher pitch than her normal voice and is very soft sounding. It's the prettiest little singing voice I have ever heard. I am sure that is just because it is coming from MY daughter! When you ask her to do a baby dance, she does, and if she hears music she will dance and sing to it, sometimes clap or lift her hands in the air if she isn't holding anything.

She prays with us at meal time by holding our hands. Sometimes, after we are done praying, she will continue to hold our hands. She is very sweet.

She enjoys playing with her kitchen that she got for Christmas. She pretends to wash her hands in the sink and cooks things in the microwave.

She likes to color and is slowly learning that crayons are not food.

I feel safe in saying, her best friend is our cat. She is constantly tackling him, kissing him, and calling for him. The cat loves her just as much, always trying to get in to her room and doesn't mind at all the tackling. He just lays there and let's her do it. He will get fed up every once in a while but he typically just lays there and growls or runs away. He is very patient and understanding.

She likes putting pacifiers in her mouth even though she never took one as a baby.

She has a sense of humor and can often be found with a colander on her head or 12 bibs around her neck. She pretends to go buh-bye and demands a purse or a bag, and a jacket before she goes. She enjoys playing peek-a-boo which turns into more of hide and seek than peek-a-boo. She likes to play on our bed and pretend to go nigh-night on our pillows.

Lily is still nursing. Some days I feel like she is no where near weaning and others I think she might be about ready. We don't nurse on mornings I have to work. Unless of course she asks by saying please without prompting. Then, I cave and let her. Haha! It seems like she nurses the same amount of times when I work as compared to when I don't work. When I work, it's almost impossible to make dinner because she just wants to sit and nurse from the moment we walk into the door until dinner time, then again until bed time. We don't nurse in public places any more which is good. I am sure I would get some interesting looks if we did. She is almost a year and a half now.

Well, I think that gives you a pretty good picture of what Lily is doing these days. If you have any questions about her, feel free to ask in the comments section.

She is the joy of our lives and I truly mean that. We have been under a lot of stress lately but, she is always there doing something cute or silly and it makes us laugh and laugh. You just can't help smiling at her adorableness. We love her to pieces and I couldn't be more thankful than I am now to have her as my beautiful, sweet, daughter!

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