Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I guess I should probably admit that I am panicking now. Yup, scared, emotional, on edge, anxious, feeling the need to solve this problem but really there is not much I can do so my mind feels like it is going insane. It will be Wednesday in less than 2 hours, half a week has gone by out of 3 and so far nothing has changed. I am panicking, without a doubt. I need to pray more, I need to pray, pray, pray. And I need to accept the fact that this shocking change brings a HUGE amount of emotion to people, well to me and my household, emotion that didn't show up until Sunday, and quite frankly I am not so sure how we are going to make it through any of this if things don't change ASAP!


Kim said...

I can't believe you made it that long before freaking out! If we're being honest I freak out about Brad getting laid off all the time, and I do mean freak out, and he's not even laid off.

What are you guys waiting for to change? Is it hearing back from Walgreens? Or unemployment? How is Adam handling all of this?

I wish that I had some sort of advice or one handbook fits all to give you. :( I hate that you are feeling so stressed and upset about something that isn't within your ability to control. When I can't control/fix a situation is when I really start to feel like I don't know whats going on. I really hope that the change you are waiting for happens soon Holly! I hate that you are in a position that you really don't deserve to be in. :(

On a note more related to your last post...have you thought about looking for jobs in the preschool teacher range? I know that it's not fully what you'd planned for when you got your degree but it's still a teaching position and they might have more availablitity right now? Or something more constant while this crappy economy turns itself around.

Keep me updated on what's going on AND how I can help! Be it just a playdate with you and Lily or a girl's night in where you can try to get away from it all for a couple hours.

Holly said...

I was waiting for Adam to find out if he was getting full time work at Walgreens but we find out that we won't know until the 15th. So yeah, I will just have to be patient. For now, Adam filled out the unemployment stuff so that has been started.

Adam is doing well considering, just frustrated in the situation and wishing he was working. He had his bout of anger and blame but he is through that now.

I have thought about preschool teaching. There are some jobs on craigs list. I just don't know because subbing for elementary school will get me a teaching job. They don't look at preschool age the same as elementary when looking at experience especially when my student teaching is in intermediate. It's a tough decision for me. What I may do is, after 3 weeks is up (Adam's vacation) if he hasn't found full time work then I will reevaluate what I am doing. Plus, I am hoping that once I get signed up subbing in a couple other districts my subbing might become full time work.

Kim, thank you so much for your words, your thoughts, all of it, it means a LOT to me. I would totally be up for a play date or mom's night in. I don't have school Friday or Monday.