Sunday, June 6, 2010

Job Update

We survived our first week. Although, not a full week. Lily improved each day she was there. She got to spend Thursday with dad so she was only there for 3 out of 4 days. By Friday she was eating her lunch well and she even slept for almost an hour. That is great improvement since she started Tuesday and wouldn't eat nor would she sleep. We have changed our schedule to accommodate hers. Even if we are home we stick to her new "11:00 lunch and nap directly after" schedule. That way it's not confusing to her when she is there and when she is at home. I get off at 6 so we ate a later dinner too. That part hasn't been so bad since we have gotten used to Adam working until 6 on Saturdays so we eat later then.

Lily loves babies! She stands at the window that separates her class and the infant room and just says baby, baby, over and over again. On Friday, they just let her go in to the infant room. I went up to check on her and she had no desire to come see me because she was just playing with the babies in the infant room. It was really funny. I wish I could give her a brother or a sister because she loves babies so much. I just know she would be a great big sister.

For me, I have had to adjust working with a co-teacher. She is really nice and wonderful, it's just weird having to communicate about everything we are going to do. Who is doing what kind of thing. Then there is another teacher that works the morning shift so I also have to coordinate with her. They didn't have a system set up for who does what, what subjects they do and when they do them. I thought it would be really helpful so I set up a schedule that shows what subject will be taught in the mornings and in the afternoons and on what days. The other teachers really liked it so starting Monday that is what we will be doing. I start Monday creating my own lessons and teaching. I only have to do 4 lessons per week so it's not going to be too time consuming at all. They only have 2 learning activities per day. The rest of the time consists of reading, centers, and of course eating, rest time, and recess if the weather is nice. I feel like there are a lot of areas that could be changed and while I don't want to go in making all these changes right away like they aren't doing a good job because, they are, I just want to gradually make things even better so the kids and us 3 teachers will be more successful.

My schedule of what goes on is a little weird. I start at 11. I spend from 10:30 to 12 with my daughter in her class until she is adjusted. Then I will be covering lunches from 11 to 12 or 12:30. When I get to my classroom the children will be napping and they nap until about 2:15. After nap they wake up and practice writing their letters, then have snack. After snack I do a read aloud and after reading we do our learning activity along with centers. After centers we have to do a clean up and us two teachers are in charge of sweeping, moping, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom. When everything is cleaned we go outside to play. Then at around 5:15 we go in and wait in the main entrance area with the younger kids until their parents pick them up. Everyone is picked up by 6 o'clock. I have been able to get off early everyday. It's been nice.

I like it and will like it even better in the fall when we start really going with the academics end. For summer they do mostly fun activities. There are a lot of fun activities planned for the summer too. One example is pony rides. They brings some ponies in for the kids to actually ride on. That will be really fun!

Everyone I work with seems to be really nice. I hate feeling new and not knowing all the policies and procedures for things. In time, that will go away. I am just trying to jump right in as much as I can so I don't feel like the newbie for too long.

I know I am supposed to be there for now. I still don't feel like it's something I want to do forever or even long term.

Oh and I knew this would happen but, we are sick! Both Lily and I. It's from being in a new environment of germs that we are just not used to. It happens every time. Like when I would return to subbing after a break, I would get sick and Lily would too. I hope it goes away fast, like by the end of the weekend. At least so our energy levels come back so we can be ready to go tomorrow. For reasons like this I am glad I don't work until late morning.

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