Monday, July 5, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking, this morning was fantastic! As I mentioned in my previous post we tried yesterday but, they were closed. I called this morning and they were open. Hurray! It was my first time strawberry picking up at Greenbluff. I was surprised at how big the strawberry patch was. The pictures I took do NOT give the size justice. There were quite a few people picking but, it wasn't over crowded at all. We had to wake Lily up so, I was really unsure of what kind of mood she would be in for picking but, she did exceptionally well. She ate more than her fair share of strawberries and only put a few in the baskets. She was excited to see the tractor so I promised her a ride on the tractor if we filled up both our baskets. Here is our morning in pictures. Enjoy them, we had fun picking.

I gave her a strawberry to eat straight away to show her what we were doing and get her hooked. According to her expression, she was a little confused. But, she got the hang of it pretty quick and did a great job finding the red strawberries to eat and a couple to keep.

When our baskets were full we went to wait for the tractor.

Here it cooomes!

Lily was so excited about the tractor but, when we actually got on it, it wasn't quite like what she was expecting and was a little nervous about it. She cuddled up with Grandma to help ease her nerves.

In line to pay for our berries she decided she needed just one more.

She did such a great job picking strawberries. She didn't run off, she didn't cry. She was patient when she had enough strawberries but, the baskets weren't quite full. So...grandma treated her to ice cream after the lunch we had up on the bluff. Her ice cream was supposed to be a kids cup and was half chocolate and half huckleberry. She loved it!

A tired baby who just ate ice cream makes some funny faces!
I would say that I can't wait until next year to pick strawberries but, we don't have to wait. We will be going to Greenbluff throughout the summer and fall season picking lots of different fruits and veggies because I am going to do a lot of canning this year to save money and eat healthier this next year.

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