Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 3 & 4

My favorite television program is...Gilmore Girls. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I loved it when it was on and love it now. Fortunately for me I own the entire series on DVD. Recently I started watching them starting with the first season. There are a lot of early episodes I have missed so it's really fun for me. I am starting to get used to the idea that maybe, just maybe, Lily and I will be the next Gilmore Girls as my husband doesn't want any more kids. Only, I have a husband and I am not nearly as witty, nor do I have super rich parents or live in a small town. But, hey, I can pretend.

My favorite book is...The Bible. I have learned how to live by reading the bible. Aside from learning how to live there are some GREAT stories to read. It has every genre in the book you could possibly imagine. No matter how much I read it I still learn from it. I've read it through cover to cover and even if I read it 100 times cover to cover I will always have more to gain from reading it. It's God's true and written word and I base how I live my life around it.

As far as fiction goes my favorite is The Twilight Saga. I love the Twilight Saga. I started reading them last fall and since then I have read the first one 3 times, the second two times, the third 4 times, and the fourth 2 times. I am sure you can tell what my favorites of the series are. Hah! I love them because of the love. I never, ever imagined I would like anything having to do with vampires. But, it's not about that. Plus, Stephenie Meyers does a nice job of making vampires and werewolves very appealing. I could go on about this but, I won't. This would be a whole post in and of itself. Plus, many of you probably already know.

I also LOVE Harry Potter. Harry Potter is amazing. Simple as that! It would probably beat out the Twilight Saga if it had more love in it. I am a yuppy when it comes to anything and all love related. I loved the last Harry Potter the best. It was amazing to watch them all grow up. I truly felt like I did.

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