Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Life

I've been absent from my blog for quite a while. I will return to it on a regular basis once my life has come to some sort of regularity. I guess I slacked on my posts because it's hard to write about good things when there is so many bad things that get in the way. You all know how much I dislike posting anything negative. But, the fact of the matter is the change in my life is a negative thing and since it drastically effects my life it needs to be shared. So here goes it world. My husband and I are getting divorced. He has been cheating on me for quite a while. I don't know when exactly the cheating began. All I DO know is he had an emotional attachment to a girl from his work and after months of ignoring my feelings about the relationship which I found to be unhealthy I took a stand for myself and moved me and my daughter out and into my mom's. That very night he also moved out and into his new girlfriend's house. It's been a battle since this happened. He plays on my emotions and has said and done some really hurtful things. So, where does that leave me? The next chapter of my life will include trying to build my life as a single mother, trying to find as much joy in as many different things that I possibly can, and trying to find the value in myself and what I have to offer. My faith in Jesus will help me do ALL of those things. I am picking up the pieces of my heart and trying to put them back together. I am doing pretty well with all things considered. I will share more as things settle down. I will also be changing up the blog because now, it's just about me and Lily and our new life together as mama and daughter.

Here is too finding joy and being happy with myself and where my life has ended up.


Janelle said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I will be praying for you.

Melissa said...

Holly I am so sorry you are having to experience this heartache. I also was cheated on and left by my husband. I too ignored signs of unhealthy behavior. You are a strong person always have been. You will make a better life for you and your daughter than you had with a person that doesnt respect you. You will get through this. It does hurt no doubt about that. Stay strong.