Saturday, December 31, 2011


After 3 years of absorbing life around her, Lily has finally found something that she is passionate about. Horses. She absolutely loves horses. She dreams of riding a big horse one day. Her favorite show is a cartoon about horses called Horseland and her favorite movie is Flicka. She talks all day about horses. She imagines she is a horse and gallops around. She rides on the back of me pretending I am a horse. We have 2 dogs in the house and she puts saddles on them. The saddle is a long strip of toilet paper. She renames the dogs, giving them horse names. Our dog, Peaches is Calypso when wearing the saddle. I found her the very best pair of cowboys boots that she loves. She slept with them the first night she got them. She also received some little tiny horses that look real and she loves those. Along with a bigger horse that came with a Barbie. She has a stick horse that she rides around the house. As we drive to and from work every day, passing big open fields she looks for horses. She doesn't just look for any horse, she hopes to see a wild horse. It will be my goal to get her some where this spring to ride a big horse. If the passion continues I would love to get her riding lessons and even possibly owning a horse and caring for it. I am so excited she found a passion. I never in my wildest dreams imagined her to love horses.

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Anonymous said...

Her hair is so cute, she looks like a little cowgirl!! Thanks for sharing her love of horses with us when we all rode the horse and carriage downtown.