Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday 2

Readers, I am very sorry I have not posted in 2 weeks. I also let you down in failing to post last Thursday. Please continue to read my blog. I will try a little harder but, you see, I started subbing and have less time to spend on the internet and I have been exhausted. But, here it is, Thursday and I am posting my weekly post. I almost didn't do it this week because I just am not feeling into it. I knew what I wanted to post and this one will take some time. So I am doing this for you faithul readers. Enjoy!

Thankful Thursday

One person that has had a huge influence on my life is my mother. Not only because she gave birth to me and served as my father and mother for most, if not all, of my life. I say mother and father because my father was never around. I am choosing my mom as who I am thankful for this week because she deserves the recognition. I don't think she reads my blog but that's ok. So here it goes:

My mom was the sole provider for my family of 3. She worked very hard to provide for my brother and I. She is the strongest person I know having gone through all she has. She is a God fearing woman with a faith that can and does move mountains. She encourages me to fear God and serve Him. Not neccesarily with her words but with her actions. As I have gotten older and become a mom myself I can look back and see what a great mother she was. As a child I thought she was strict and at times mean. But, she did what was necessary. I never got into a lot of trouble and I think it is because she did a great job raising me. I used to think I never wanted to be a mother like her but, I have over my adult years realized I want to be the exact kind of mother she was with my child.

She is my sound board. She lends me her ear when I need to vent. She is always reminding me of the positive in every situation. She encourages me to be a better wife to my husband.

She has helped my family through the last year through our pregnancy, birth, and taking care of our baby. I don't know how we would have made it without her help. She was there through the birth, supporting us. After we left the hospital she stayed with us at our house. She rocked Lily in the night when Lily was crying because she had her days and nights confused. She let me sleep and woke me up when she thought Lily needed to be fed. When she stopped sleeping over, she changed her work schedule to come over during the day to help me at my house. It was so great to have her help as I was recovering from surgery and adjusting to being a new mom.

She continually blesses us and I am so grateful for her and all she does for us. She loves her granddaughter so much. I love watching her with Lily. I know they are going to be so close as the years pass by. I couldn't ask for a better mom and grandma for my daughter.

I am so thankful for my mom!
My graduation day!

My mom finding out we were going to have a baby. Christmas Day 2007

My mom and her granddaughter, Lily. Their first picture together at Audobaun Park. Lily was a week or two.


Kelly said...

Aw, that's so sweet of you! Your Mom sounds like an awesome lady, she's lucky to have you as her daughtre. (My Mom did the same thing for me when I had Zack. I hope to return the favor.)

coco-ono said...

Im so glad you posted this! Its nice to hear from you!

bdayley said...

That's awesome! Your mom is a very special woman! She was so good for my mom when they were really close. :)