Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting So Big

Lily is changing a lot. She is sitting up unassisted. She doesn't do it perfectly yet but she lasts for a good few minutes or until something distracts her and she leans to get it. She is starting to figure out how to catch herself when she does start tipping so before long she will be a completely unassisted sitter.

I have been trying to feed her more vegetables. Last week I tried pees. She HATED them. As do I so, that isn't surprising. She coughed and gaged and spit them out. This week I tried green beans. She ate 2 bights and as the 3rd one neared her mouth, she shut her mouth tightly and turned her face. So, no luck with green beans either. I guess I will try something that isn't green next time. Maybe carrots or squash. She thoroughly enjoys her rice cereal though. She eats probably half a cup twice a day.

I can't hardly believe that in less than a month she will be 6 months old. Where does the time go?

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