Monday, April 13, 2009

A Pretty Easter Dress and Lots of Easter Fun!

I must say that I have the most beautiful princess that has ever and will ever live! Maybe I am biased but I don't care. I have never seen such a beautiful girl!

Our Easter was pretty fun. It started Saturday. We had dinner at my mom's house followed by Easter church service and then dessert and coffee with my mom and my in laws at our house. The next day I went to church and volunteered in the nursery age group 1 to 2. I had a blast. There were about 8 of us in a room with 30 kids all in the age range of 1 to 2. There were so many adorable toddlers. It made me really excited for Lily to become a toddler. There was one particular boy who just clung to me. Every time I put him down to take care of another child he would want right back in my arms when I was done. He was so sweet. Other kids saw him cuddling with me and wanted to cuddle to. Throughout the service I found myself with 2 kiddos cuddling with me on my lap. It was great. I am actually going to try to volunteer there on a more regular basis. I really want to get involved more at my church and think God is called me to this area. It just felt so good to be there. After church I came back home and got Lily ready. We then, headed over to my in laws for another Easter dinner. Lily received her first Easter basket. It was filled with rubbery duckies, plastic eggs, a sippy cup, a stuffed bunny, and a couple other things. She also got a light up, singing rings toy.

And pictures of course!

I can't wait until next year when we take Lily to her first Easter Egg Hunt!


Kim said...

I love her hair bow! It's so cute! We haven't seen you guys in forever. Lily has gotten so BIG!

How did your floors turn out? Are you loving them?

Kelly said...

Ahh!! I love the outfit! Hope you guys are doing well, Holly. We should get together sometime! Glad to see you guys had a good Easter.

Annali said...

SO cute!!! I loved her dress and bow. Maybe Henry wouldn't kind if I dressed him up for the day.....

Beth said...

Oh Holly, she's just LOVELY!!!