Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's A Miracle

Well at least an answer to prayer. Lily was 100% better today after sleeping through the night last night! She ate great, had no teething problems, wasn't cranky, and she didn't even have a rash. I didn't take her to the doctor because she was totally fine! I am so relieved. She still didn't take her bottle at bed time after nursing like she has ALWAYS done. She could just be done with the bottle since she uses sippy cups during the day and no longer goes to a babysitters during the day so she gets to nurse, who knows. But I don't care because she slept through the night. It was so nice to get a full night's sleep. For the last week she was waking up every few hours and wanted to nurse AND had trouble getting back to sleep. But last night she was back to her normal perfect little sleeper! Praise God!

Adam got a call from his Urologist's office and the doctor decided he could go ahead and have the procedure. So July 15th he goes in to have his kidney stones blasted so they can painlessly pass through his body. He also completed the test to determine if he has renal calcium leak which is a disease that causes kidney stones. It is treated with a daily pill but no cure. So he just has to wait for the results on that. But things for him are starting to turn around in the positive direction.

Oh and my mom gets half of her money back from the campground. We thought she wouldn't get any back so that's good news too.

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