Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today I sent in my first teaching job application. I am really praying I get the job. I would be a very good fit for the school and the position. I am praying I am not the only one who thinks so too. Competition is tough but I know God is in control of this position and if I am meant to get it, I will. But your prayers and positive thoughts would mean a GREAT deal to me. There is power in numbers, right?

Am I ready to be away from Lily so much? Not really. But I know I need to work, I need to use my teaching degree that I worked so hard on and the longer I wait to get a job, the harder it will be to leave her. I think it will be better to get my first year out of the way when she is so young because she won't remember mom being gone so much. I am ready for financial stability. I have 60,000 dollars in school loan debt that I need to pay off and it makes me sick thinking if I stick to the minimum payments I will be paying them for 15 years! 15, that is over half my life as of yet. I think when Lily is older she will understand. She may not understand now but like I said she won't remember. I am doing this for her, for our family!

God willing I will get that job! Please God, be willing!


Kim said...

lol. It's a code for this site I joined to track things on my blog. Technorati, I think is what it's called. They had to verify that it was actually my blog with the code.

When do you hear back about the teaching job? How exciting!

And did you get your invite to Preston's bday? We'd love it if you guys can come! I'm also hosting a water playdate/bbq on Wednesday at 11am through M&M you guys should stop by if you don't have plans! I haven't seen you in forever!

Monika said...

I hope that you get the position! Where was it at?

I know it's hard to work while having little ones. I didn't work when I had my older two, but have to with my last one. The guilt is so heavy...but as long as he is taken care of in a loving home and we spend quality time with him when we aren't working, everything will be fine. Hats off to you.

I am meeting a few gals at Audobon Park this Friday at 10:30 if you are interested in joining us. :)