Tuesday, September 8, 2009


1. I have committed to using less paper products. I started Labor Day. I am challenging myself to use 3 paper towels per day (no more drying dishes with paper towels), 1 to 3 less square(s) of toilet paper each time I use the restroom, and 1 paper plate per week. This is huge for us. In the past, until yesterday I would use paper towel after paper towel and we would eat off of paper plates at LEAST one meal per day but most of the time 2 meals per day.

2. I have committed to working out at least 20 minutes per day five days per week with my Wii Active. I completed the 30 day challenge back in June and it felt great but it never went any further than that. I am back on a new 30 day challenge and I upped the intensity level. Today was day 2.

3. I have committed to swiffering the living room floor and the kitchen floor 3 times per week as soon as we get to the store to buy more swiffer cloths. (We just ran out today.)

4. I have committed to welcoming my husband home at the door when he comes home from work, not sitting on the couch on the computer or watching TV.

5. I have committed to start menu planning, making a months menu and shopping list to implement it the beginning of October.

6. I have committed to search for ways I can save our family money or make our family some money. Anyone have any tips or ideas?

7. I have committed to showing my husband I love him by doing a little something for him at least once per week.

8. I have committed to keeping all of my craft stuff off of the kitchen table during dinner time.

Anyone want to help me keep my commitments? I made need a serious accountability partner.


Whimsical Creations said...

Great goals to have!

Stopping by from sits.

Trippleaaa said...

Fabulous Holly! I really should make myself a commitment list. Although I really need to think about it first. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kait T said...

I used to use a lot of paper plates and paper napkins and paper towels and even swiffer wipes and realised the only way I could "control" myself was to not buy them. It actually saved us about 30.00 a month. I now use vinegar and hot water to clean the floors with a regular old towel. Getting to that point took me awhile though.
Good job getting some goals though, I personally don't believe in "new year resolutions" because people never stick to them. October resolutions probably have a much higher chance of becoming your lifestyle. Good luck!