Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So in my preparation for Lily's birthday or at least that is what I am blaming it on, I forgot to update all of you of what happened with Lily's tear duct procedure. Well it went just fine. The procedure was very quick. I wasn't aloud to be with her during the procedure so my mom and I walked to the cafeteria and my mom bought me a doughnut to help ease my nerves. The doughnut was delicious, I would say better than Krispy Kreme actually. We ate our doughnuts and went to the waiting room. As soon as we were done eating the doctor came in to tell us that the procedure went as planned and they flushed water through the tear duct and it went right through. He then said she was awake and ready to see her mama. My mom and I walked back to see her and she was sitting up playing with the nurse. She was fascinated with the nurse's stethoscope. She was glad to see us but didn't cry or anything. Then the doctor came back along with another nurse and they went on about how they had a future nurse on their hands. I was saying in my head, "Future nurse? You mean future doctor!" Anyway, after a few more minutes she was ready to come home and was perfectly fine. She acted like nothing ever happened to her. The doctor wanted to continue her on the eye drops for 2 weeks and see her for a follow up in 3. It has been 2 weeks so she is off her eye drop antibiotic and we go to the doctor in 1 week. Here is where the problem lies, well you know how I said she acted like nothing happened? Well, apparently nothing did because her eye still leaks just as it did before the procedure. So, I am pretty certain that the procedure that was supposed to be 95% successful was not so in Lily's case but on her follow up appointment we will know for sure that it was not successful and see what the doctor says. There are other things they can do for her. For example, having her tear duct taken out and replaced with an artificial tear duct. I am not sure about that. That procedure will be much more involved, Lily will be put out and under anesthesia for longer than 10 minutes. That makes me SOOO nervous. I am just frustrated that the procedure didn't work in the first place. But I am not going to get too worked up until Lily goes in for her follow up on the 17th.

Sorry for the late update but better late than never, right? Right!

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Monika said...

Oh man, HOlly. What a pain in the butt. I'm so sorry that you both have to go through this. I realized that I don't have your email or anything...My email is I know it's kind of late..but I'm having Bunko at my house tomorrow, Friday, Sep. 11, at 7:00 and would love it if you could come. Do you have Facebook?